PGT is designated as the governance token
for puzzle based BCG games,
with the first game being Elemental Story World.

Elemental Story World is a WEB2.5 specification game
that offers the same gameplay as normal games
while also providing EARN capabilities.




The previous game, Elemental Story,
was a huge hit and boasts a very high level of popularity.


It has maintained strong sales for over 8 years.


consistently ranking within the top 300 in sales,
and continues to be loved

About PGT

1. Designed for Long-Term Operation and Utility

Elemental Story World does not engage
in unlimited NFT minting commonly seen in BCGs. NFTs drop at a certain probability by winning in PvP.
PGT is used for unboxing them.

2. Expanding Mechanism

$125 worth of PGT is used for restoring NFT EARN gauge,
and a certain amount of them are BURNED,
leading to more purchases than sales.
The expansion of the user base and the price of PGT are correlated in the medium to long term.

3. Operated by a Listed Company

The operator of Elemental Story is CROOZ,
a Japanese listed company with over 20 years of experience in game development.

PGT's Deflationary System and Rarity

Gishi, from "Banbanzai", a YouTuber
popular with both male and female audiences
has joined as the official ambassador.

List of PGT Listed Exchanges

Elemental Story,
the puzzle game
where you can Earn while playing

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