Cautionary Notes Regarding the Alpha Version [Status of Bug Fixes]

For customers who are about to start the game, we kindly ask you to link your game data before purchasing or listing NFTs, as issues may arise.

2024/01/17 15:15 Update

▼ Report on the Issue Preventing Cancellation of Listings
We have confirmed that the inability to cancel listings due to listing NFTs while the game data is not linked.
If you do not wish to sell your listed items, we recommend setting the price to a maximum value.
Additionally, for customers experiencing this issue, we will provide individual support for canceling listings.
Please send the email address registered with the marketplace and the ID of the NFT you wish to cancel from the “Contact Us” section.

Contact Us:

[Recommended Avoidance Method]
For customers who are about to start the game, we kindly request that you link your game data before listing NFTs.

We are continuously investigating and working on fixing this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and ask for your patience during this time.

2024/01/15 18:30 Update
▼ Issue with Account Linking
We have identified an issue where linking to the game becomes impossible after listing items on the marketplace before initiating game linking.
Investigations and solutions are currently underway.

▼ Problem with Authentication Emails
During the registration process for the marketplace, we have observed that authentication emails are not being received for certain email domains.
Investigations and solutions are currently underway. 

2024/01/15 13:00 Update
▼ Issue with Withdrawals
The withdrawal functionality for PU Coins is currently unavailable.
We apologize for the inconvenience and will address this at a later date.

2024/01/14 21:00 Written
▼Issues with iPhone Model/Safari Browser We have identified a bug with iPhone models using the Safari browser when making credit card payments for EM/PU/PG coins. The issue causes the screen to keep loading without completing the coin purchase in the following scenarios:

  1. When attempting to purchase coins via credit card payment due to insufficient EM, either from the homepage or character detail page.
  2. When purchasing EM/PU/PG coins via credit card payment from the My Page section.
  3. When purchasing EM coins via credit card payment from the EM coin balance display located at the top of the header.

[Recommended Workaround] Please log in and make your

credit card purchases using one of the following environments:

  • Logging in from a computer environment.
  • Logging in using the Chrome browser.

2024/01/14 21:00 Written
▼Transaction and Activity History Issues We have identified some inaccuracies in the display of activity and transaction history on the My Page section. The issue is currently under investigation and response.

2024/01/14 21:00 Written
▼Regarding the Use of USDT Currently, USDT cannot be used for purchasing EM/PG/PU coins. Additionally, even though USDT is available as an option for coin purchases when there is an insufficient amount of EM, it cannot be used at this time. We will address this issue at a later date.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work on resolving these issues. Thank you for your continued support of “Elemental Story World.”